Strategies for your digital business

Best skills and expertise to serve your business

Technology Audit

We analyse company methods, processes and tools to search for the best methods and technology solutions to automate tasks and increase you business productivity.

Technology Scouting

We support companies in searching for information on recent available innovations and technologies to address specific technological needs, offer comparative analysis to evaluate the potential of an innovative idea or to acquire awareness of similar technologies already applied and exploited in other countries and/or companies

Competitive analyses

We analyze the competitive landscape for a certain business or product in territory.

Business Plan

We write business plans for your company, startup, newco, or new product line.

Project Management

Project management for innovation and digitalization of your company or for specific projects and digital products development

Market analyses

We search, aggregate and analyze data to discover the market potential, trends and business opportunities for your business and products in a specific industry and territory.

Funding and Investoments

We search for Business Angels, VC and funding opportunities for your startups and innovative products and solution.

Intellectual property

We support you with registration and protection of Trademarks, Design, Patents, Utility models and Software copyrights 

Marketing Plans

We plan the marketing activities to be put in place to give effectiveness and efficiency to your business objectives and marketing strategy